Fascinating large-screen technology for your event

videoball Großbildtechnik
videoball ideal für Unternehmenspräsentationen
videoball ist voll brandingfähig
videoball ist faszinierend einfach
videoball ist voll brandingfähig – auch mit Foto-Textur

Put yourself in a good picture with videoball!

videoball is an ingenious, flexible large-screen technology. It is impressive how easy everything is; the handling, the build up and the mounting. videoball is the ideal solution for all uses ranging from small flat screens (approx. 45") to small LED walls (approx. 200" with 4x3 metres). Its impressive round shape attracts people‘s interest in a split second. This over-average attention makes the videoball stand out against other large-screen technologies.

Diameters reaching from 1.5 to 6.0 metres
screen size from 45" to 200"

Use one of our smaller models in hotel lobbies or VIP lounges. Take advantage of the high attention the medium sized videoball attracts through purposeful communication at fairs and conferences. The XXL version is made to enthuse big numbers of people at concerts or TV productions.

Impressive branding possibilities

videoball can be branded individually to make it an exceptional brand ambassador. The branding can be made permanently or temporarily.
The branding possibilities range from simple adhesive foil for a logo up to a fully digital printing of the whole advertising cover. Challenge us.

  • Logo
  • Full color
  • Photo graphic

Video projector

videoball works through retrojection. To get a brilliant picture we use a selection of high-quality video projectors. Clear colours and a high contrast - even in HD quality. Discover a new dimension with videoball.

Mounting options

The light weight of videoball makes it possible to be mounted on a ceiling, on the ground, or on a pillar. The videoball L only weighs 20 kg. It can be mounted and taken down again within minutes.


The special foil of videoball is made for the use at fairs and events. The material is flame-resistant, self-extinguishing, and it meets the requirements of the B1-Certification.

videoball’s technical data

Compare the different videoball models and find the one suitable for you.

videoball Models
videoball S, 1,5m videoball S, 2,5m videoball S, 3,5m videoball S, 4,5m videoball S, 6,0m
videoball S videoball M videoball L videoball XL videoball XXL
Model VB150 VB250 VB350 VB450 VB600
videoball-Diameter 1,5m 2,5m 3,5m 4,5m 6,0m
Screensize 45"
(ca. 114cm)
(ca. 190cm)
(ca. 254cm)
(ca. 308cm)
(ca. 508cm)
Weight ~ 10kg ~ 15kg ~ 20kg ~ 30kg ~ 75kg
Screenplus Optional Optional Optional

intermediate sizes

On special requests we also manufacture intermediate sizes. Ask for your individual solution!

Please contact!


Special retrojecting foil with a light enhancing effect.