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Application and possibilities

What can videoball do?

Basically videoball is a screen which can show any kind of pictures, films, or presentations. The shape of a ball enhances the attention - especially for passersby. videoball is an eye-catcher at fairs, sport events or at POS sales. The branding options support this idea. There is plenty of room for creativity.

Which possibilities of use does videoball offer?

There are various ways of using videoball. The screen can show a slide show, a PowerPoint presentation, videos or even TV. A computer, a DVD player or a TV signal can be used as data sources. Generally spoken, videoball can show all data that is common for projectors.

Can videoball be used outdoors?

videoball can be used outdoors. However, it should be taken down in the event of a storm, hail or severe weather.

How do you transport videoball?

The videoball L bag is hardly bigger than a sports bag. That makes the transport very easy.
videoball L has a diameter of 3.5 metres once blown up. The screen diagonal is 2.5 metres. The ball only ways 20 kg. videoball can also be put in a hard case for tougher environments like fairs and events.

Is there extra equipment for videoball?

videoball is delivered with a set of cables, plugs, and adapters for all common connections. The scope of delivery also includes the bag and a simple assembly kit. Possible spare parts can be ordered from the accessory list. We are also open for further wishes and we would be happy to help you.


How is videoball filled with air?

There are different fans for the different sizes that make it easy to fill videoball with air. It is then taken down by opening the zip and letting the air out quickly. The building up and taking down of videoball are usually done in minutes.

How does the retrojection work?

A box has been integrated on the backside of videoball. The projector is inside this box. The picture is projected to the screen from the back inside of the ball.

How is the branding made?

There are many ways to do the branding. It can be a simple sticker, plotted foil or the whole cover can be printed digitally. The product stays flexible because the covers can be changed. Basically every branding is made individually. Please ask us about this.

Which signals does the video projector work with?

The data sources can be very different. It is important to have the right interface for the transmission. Our standards are video, s-video as well as VGA, DVI and HDMI. Generally the answer to this question depends on the used projector.

Build up, taking down, and mounting

How long does it take to build up videoball?

videoball is fast and easy to build up. Obviously the exact time depends on the size. videoball L is filled with air after ten minutes. The smaller models are quicker and the bigger models take longer. Please also keep in mind that it takes time to get videoball in the correct final position.

How many people are needed?

Normally videoball can be put up and taken down by one person. However, it is easier to have a helping hand sometimes. You need to take the situation in account when it comes to the XXL version.

Care, service, guaranty

What do you need to keep in mind?

videoball is a high-class video product. Basically you need to take good care of it. videoball should be cleaned after every use. The screen needs special attention because small pieces of dirt can have a negative effect on the picture. videoball can get wet through rain or hazy air. In this case videoball needs to be dried right after the use. The small repair set included can help remove smaller damage.

How long is the guaranty?

The guaranty goes by the statutory law.

Sales partners

How do I become a sales partner?

You are fascinated by videoball and would like to help with the sales? You know somebody you would be very interested in the product? Maybe you work in sales and you would like to add videoball to your portfolio? You are thinking about working independently and you are still looking for the right product?

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