The right solution for your event: videoball

videoball can be used in many different ways and shines at every event. The shown examples of use are meant to give you an impression of the diversity of the product.

Mercedes-Benz customer event

Event München, Donnersberger Brücke
Mercedes-Benz, Babelsberger Filmorchester, Incentive

Mercedes-Benz honoured their 200 best national salesmen with a special incentive. They were invited to an extraordinary musical highlight.

The Babelsberg Film Orchestra played the original soundtracks of various movies starring Mercedes-Benz. Two videoballs with a 4m diameter and a 2.7m screen each are used for the back rows. Live pictures from the stage are projected onto the large screens.

Medical congress

Fair Hamburg, Messezentrum
Lilly, Böhringer-Ingelheim, Präsentation neuer TV-Spot

The customer‘s creative agency integrated videoball into the exhibition stand construction. videoball became an atomic nucleus in the orbital model.

The customer takes advantage of the high attention getting value to introduce the new TV spot. The screen is facing the main entrance which catches many glances.

Outdoor bet on ZDF Wetten, dass … ?

Event Frankfurt, Römer
Radio FFH, Stadtwette Wetten-dass, ZDF, Outdoor

The private radio channel FFH presented the city bet on the ZDF-show „Wetten, dass ...?“. Two videoballs (4m diameter) were placed on both sides of the old town hall balcony.

videoball is also thrilling outdoors. Thousands of spectators gather at the „Römer“ to watch the show in Frankfurt‘s festival hall live on the screen.

Hitradio FFH Action Stage

Event Frankfurt, Festhalle
Wetten-dass, FFH Aktionsbühne, ZDF-online-Spiel, Live-Bild

At ZDF‘s show „Wetten, dass ...?“ the spectators were collected and entertained at an action stage in front of the event hall.

Radio FFH presents the star guests of the evening. The guests can play the ZDF Online Game on - and everybody is watching. The fascination for „Wetten, dass ...?“ goes hand in hand with the fascination for videoball.

Global Business Forum

Fair Hannover, Hannover-Messe
Land of ideas

The Global Business Forum is the platform for ongoing short presentations as a part of the Hanover fair.

videoball is floating over a booth at the fair. This attracts a lot of attention - even from a distance. The screen is used to stream information for the auditorium. The branding „Deutschland Land der Ideen“ (Germany country of ideas) enhances the attention and advertising value.