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The greatest strength of videoball is the way it gains high attention. Therefore it is strong at communication. videoball is a medium of communication and decoration in one. The creative staging and the strong brand presence leave a permanent impression! Through bidirectional communication videoball is able to fashion many different events and adverting measures. Live communication and brand presence through branding options; videoball meets every demand at all kinds of events.


You wish to attract attention to your booth and already be seen from the other side of the hall? You are looking for something new? You may also want to reduce your fair budget? videoball has extraordinary advantages in each of these cases. Even small booths become a great stage through the hanging assembling!

Fascinate the visitors through the imposing vision of the videoball. Show a new side of you. Let yourself be convinced by the attractive force and gain new leads by interacting on the screen. videoball opens a new world of creativity to your exhibition stand construction and your communication.  


In a world that is all about getting „faster, higher, and further“, you are on the spot with videoball. Like in sports, the conception of an event is all about a sophisticated strategy. However, the best strategy is useless if the wrong players are on the pitch. Get videoball in the game and leave the pitch as a winner. Its bidirectional communication puts videoball in the Champions League.

Show live pictures, the score, interviews, slow motions or the sponsor‘s spots. videoball gives you new flexibility in communication in a fascinatingly easy way! Offer the fans additional content like press conferences and interviews. Increase the dwelling time at the event. Reveal new possibilities of promotion and staging to your partners - thanks to the extensive branding options in the design of a ball. A football, a golfball, a tennis ball, a volleyball, a basketball,... the possibilities are endless!


Give your event location the special something by integrating videoball. Put it up at the reception area, in the backstage area, or at the after-show-party. videoball lets your event shine with special significance. It is both a technical medium and decoration at the same time.

videoball can hang or be stood up. Make it part of your set design. It gives a room a special atmosphere by being illuminated in a specific way. Support the speaker or give the sponsors of the event a unique position on the screen or the branding cover. Use videoball for event communication and program announcements. Make videoball a separate item on the agenda and use it t occupy the children or show an image film. videoball leaves room for creativity.


videoball is a visual euphony. It puts every organiser in a good light: On or off the stage, on the red carpet, in the VIP area, or Front of House for people with obstructed view. On summer night in the dark, or in great halls as decoration with media staging for the show. videoball develops now ways of composition for stage construction, light technology - also for marketing experts.

Get the stars closer to the fan. Animate the spectators to take part in a voting or raffles. Show lyrics, clips of sponsors and other hints. Be inspired by vidoeball and create your own phantasies that can come true with vidoeball.